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 Delivery from June 21, 2024

Faroe Islands

19.95€ 15€

Delivery from June 21, 2024

For the purchase of 2 guides (1 Iceland guide and 1 Faroe Islands guide): delivery is free ❤️

A PAPER travel guide, collaborative and personalized to offer a new ALTERNATIVE to Routard and Lonely Planet, what do you think?

Plein de conseils géniaux et des QR Codes pour retrouver hébergements, points d'intérêts ou itinéraires de rando directement sur ton téléphone.

A practical guide

A visual guide with lots of homemade photos, beautiful videos made with passion, and a design that's been meticulously crafted to make the guide a pleasure to read.

beautiful guide

What we are looking for is tourism that has a positive impact on the local economy while limiting activities that contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions.

A committed guide

So many tips

The Iceland guide


190 pages of adventures

+ 60 QR Codes with exclusive content (maps, videos, routes)

4 adventurers to choose from

350€ savings with promotions from local partners

The Faroe Islands guide

€19.95 15€

125 pages of adventures

+ 30 QR Codes with exclusive content (maps, videos, routes)

1 adventurer of your choice

120€ savings with promotions from local partners

Choose the expert that suits you

And yes, an opinion is subjective, so why not take the advice of someone who is like you?

Thanks to our personality test, we can recommend the adventurer who suits you. And that's great.

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